1. The air conditioner does not turn on

If the air conditioner does not turn on, it may be because there is no power coming out of the outlet. It could also be due to a broken fuse or broken circuit breaker. This can also happen if the thermostat is broken or set incorrectly. Check all these before you call an electrician to make sure your wiring isn’t broken too.

  1. Broken fan blade

The fan blade can break if it’s not balanced correctly or it is hitting against something that just blew in front of it. This can also happen if pets are guarding the air conditioner and they’ll smack their paws into the blades because they’re just trying to keep cool too!

  1. The unit makes a strange sound The air conditioner has broken parts if it is making weird sounds. You can tell if the compressor has broken because this will make an extremely loud noise.
  2. Low coolant If you are seeing low coolant, there might be a broken pipe or leak. This could also mean that the evaporator coils are broken and need to be replaced.
  3. Air conditioner freezes up If your air conditioner suddenly freezes up, it is because the drainage hose isn’t functioning correctly or there is too much-condensed water in one spot. Make sure this hose isn’t clogged up with dirt either which could prevent proper drainage of water!
  4. Fire hazard One huge fire risk is when the central air conditioning system’s upper copper tubing is broken. This could result in toxic fumes being released into the air which poses a serious health hazard for everyone inside your home.
  5. Water accumulates on the outside unit If water is accumulating on the outside unit, it means that there is broken piping, broken drainage system, broken condensate pump, or broken dripping pan.
  6. Frozen evaporator coils, When the evaporator coils are broken, this means you might have to pay more to cool your space down because parts need to be replaced and water needs to be drained out of the broken part so new parts can fit in the place where they’re supposed to go.
  7. Electric shock Another risk could be if someone goes behind an air conditioner that isn’t working right now and gets shocked by broken wires. Be careful around broken air conditioners because they are dangerous!
  8. Reduced cooling capacity Another warning of broken parts is when there is reduced cooling capacity meaning it takes longer to cool down your space which could mean broken fan motors, broken compressor bearings, or broken evaporator coils. These are just some basic problems you might have with an air conditioner that needs repair work done on it if any of these things happen to you!

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