A diesel fuel spill is a serious and difficult problem to contend with. Not only does diesel fuel spillage release hazardous chemicals, but diesel spills can also create a fire hazard as diesel is often used as a fuel oil for diesel-fired engines. Fortunately, diesel spills can be stopped in their tracks by following some basic steps:

-Stay out of the spill until emergency responders arrive

-Do not ignite the spilled diesel

-Do not attempt to displace the diesel with water or other liquids

-Do not use combustible materials to clean up the spill

-Start with the diesel spill closest to you, and use fans or blowers to remove diesel fuel vapors

-Scrape diesel fuel off surfaces with a metal scraper

-Dispose of diesel soiled materials in accordance with locally mandated environmental regulations

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If diesel spills into water, then it is best to stay out of the area until emergency responders arrive. After diesel fuel has spilled in water, never attempt to recover diesel with any form of the vessel as this could potentially pollute the surrounding environment even further.

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Repairing A Broken Car Diesel Engine

A broken car diesel engine is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a vehicle owner, especially if it prevents them from taking their prized motorcycle or truck on the road. Learn When faced with a broken car diesel engine, there are many different options available depending on how extensive the damage is. Some repairs are limited to fixing one faulty component while others require more work such as replacing an entire diesel engine.

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