There are many beautiful underwater views that can be explored when scuba diving in the Philippines . The best place to start is by exploring artificial reefs made by sunken ships since these are more shallow and easy for beginners. Some of the most popular sites include Panglao Island near Alona Beach. There are also artificial reefs around Anilao which have attracted many fish because of structures being placed there over time. Moalboal has some beautiful cliffs along with marine life just off shore.  

In scuba diving Philippines, there are options to scuba dive from a liveaboard boat. This works well and can also give you the chance to see more than one place in a single scuba dive trip. If you’re looking for shipwrecks and artificial reefs, Anilao is an excellent option since this area has interesting places that feature different wrecks of ships that have been sunk over time.

Another popular scuba diving spot in the Philippines is Malapascua Island . Here, scuba divers can get up close with thresher sharks when they feed on plankton at Monad Shoal. There are also beautiful coral gardens here along with views of several large fish species such as Napoleon wrasse and scalloped hammerhead sharks. This scuba diving experience is one of the best in the world since it’s not very crowded, there are lots of fish to see and scuba divers can come back often during different times of the year to see different shark species.

Other scuba diving Philippines spots include Bantayan Island , Siargao Island (Surigao Del Norte), Apo Reef (Dumaguete), Tingloy, Batangas, El Nido Palawan, Aninuan Falls also known as scuba diving spot near Puerto Princesa . For Cebu scuba divers should visit Malapascua for thresher sharks or Moalboal which has some nice cliffs along with scalloped hammerheads. Scuba diving in the Philippines in Malapascua or Moalboal is worth it since scuba divers can see scalloped hammerheads, thresher sharks and Napoleon wrasse when scuba diving here.

A liveaboard scuba diving trip in the Philippines is also a good way to scuba dive in Sipalay where there are lots of barracuda sharks, white tip reef along with green sea turtles when scuba diving . There’s also Apo Island near Negros Oriental where scuba divers can explore several underwater caves which are home to monkeys that like to jump into the water. You can even scuba dive with whale sharks at Oslob when they’re feeding on plankton during scuba diving Philippines trips .

Some scuba diving places in Palawan scuba divers should visit are Calauit Island , Apo Reef, Coron which is also known as a scuba diving spot near Puerto Princesa or El Nido. For Bohol, scuba divers should visit the scuba diving site of Alona Beach. Also, scuba divers can go to Sipalay for barracuda sharks and white tip reef sharks along with green sea turtles when scuba diving.

Scuba diving Philippines is a fun activity that you can enjoy in your free time if you’re looking for some excitement. There are lots of beautiful scuba diving spots in the country that contain unique marine life and captivating scuba diving sceneries that scuba divers will not be able to resist exploring. So what are you waiting for? Book your scuba diving Philippines trip today and explore the scuba diving spots mentioned above!

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