Here are 5 best ac tips to extend the life of your ac unit:

  1. Check or replace the filter every month

The most important thing you can do for your ac unit is to change the air filter once a month. It’s easy, takes only minutes and will improve the efficiency of your ac system so it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home or business. If you don’t want to change it yourself then ac company near me can provide ac service with affordable rates, but otherwise here’s how:

First find where the filter is . The hiding place for ac filters may be behind ac vents, ac units or ac floor grills. The filter will either be right inside your ac unit or high up on the wall behind ac vents. If a company near me is servicing your ac unit then ask if they can check how often you need to change the filter .

  1. Keep vegetation at least three feet away

Vegetation around ac units cools off summertime heat with its shade but it also saps energy from ac units by blocking air flow with leaves and branches during winter months. Dirt, rocks and mulch are all great for keeping down weeds but not so much for ac units because it makes it difficult for ac company technicians to service the unit when it is time for an ac service call or ac repair near me. Ac company technicians will be able to service ac units more efficiently if they have proper ac access .

  1. Make sure ac vents are not blocked with ac furniture or window treatments

Blocking ac vents is another way that homeowners unknowingly sabotage their ac units when trying to make them more efficient by blocking air flow in winter months when leaves are gone. ac units need free passage of air through the entire area of the home in order for it to work properly year round. If you feel your ac unit is struggling in performance, an easy fix may be as simple as not blocking ac vents with heavy furnishings. 

  1. Keep the outdoor air filter clean

The outside part of an ac unit is generally referred to as the condenser and should be kept clean so it doesn’t overheat . The condenser works hard during summers since it is constantly having to cool off hot refrigerant fluid. So, take a few minutes every month and brush debris from around this area and wipe away cobwebs which could be restricting air flow. Info If a company near me provides ac service then they will be ac service technicians that can ac service ac units professionally. A company near me has ac technicians who are ac professionals who will be able to service ac units year round efficiently.

  1. Get an AC tune-up

Most homeowners don’t get their air conditioner serviced until it stops working or they have a problem, but getting an annual ac tune up is important to keep it running smoothly and also to catch small problems before they become big ones. An ac tune-up may involve cleaning outdoor coils which helps prevent dirt from building up . It’s not only the outside unit that needs cleaning either. AC technicians know how to clean evaporator coils that help remove debris including dust, pet hair , dead skin cells and more that gets collected throughout the AC unit. Ac company technicians will be ac service professionals that can ac service ac units efficiently with ac maintenance, ac repairs and ac installation if you need new equipment.