There are many fireplace mantel designs available that will fit the architectural style and budget of any homeowner. However, it is important to know what fireplace mantels are made of before making a purchase. If you’re considering a fireplace mantel made from stone, for example, it is important to know if stone fireplace mantels crack or not. Wondering if your fireplace hearth will crack? Read this article now!

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There seems to be some debate on which traditional fireplace centerpiece, the fireplace hearth or fireplace mantle, is better for modern living rooms and homes; however, there’s really no contest when it comes to making a fireplace hearth vs fireplace mantle.

Fireplace mantles are defined as the wood or stone that supports the fireplace above. A fireplace hearth is defined as the flat surface where a fire is built in a fireplace. Distinguishing between these two terms helps us understand why many homeowners prefer fireplace mantels and what exactly fireplace hearths were designed for.

A fireplace mantel serves several purposes…

– It cuts down on cold drafts entering your home while still preserving an open feel in your room by allowing warm air from nearby windows to circulate freely around the area. In other words, it provides more warmth than any of its competitors because it allows multiple heating sources to combine into one intense heat beam.

– It adds a fireplace to any room – even those without a fireplace. Get that fireplace look, feel and heat with or without an actual fireplace!

– A fireplace mantel makes your home more valuable because it serves as a focal point for the room, something every potential buyer is looking for.

In short, fireplace mantels have many uses and can serve as a focal point in multiple rooms throughout your home while increasing the value of those rooms by serving as a fireplace centerpiece without requiring a fireplace insert…and if you do choose to add one, it will be easier than ever thanks to advances in modern technology that have produced fireplace inserts that install into existing fireplaces without making modifications or adding on.

A fireplace is the focal point of a living room.

A fireplace mantel serves as the main fireplace for a bedroom fireplace or fireplace insert purposes, even without an actual fireplace in that specific room.

These are just some examples to explain how fireplace mantles can serve multiple purposes: they can provide warmth and increased value to your home while still allowing you to maintain an open feel with air circulation around it.

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