1. Find out if your tire is damaged by looking for punctures through the sidewall or small cracks in the tread that are about an inch long.
  2. Replace any wheel with a damaged tire immediately because you could get a blowout when driving on it.
  3. Get wheel alignment near me to have your wheel straightened – which will help avoid wheel damage in the future.
  4. Check your tires once a week to make sure they are still aligned correctly, and also check the pressure every two weeks, preferably on a Friday night so you can take care of it after work and before you hit the road!
  5. Keep your car well-maintained and don’t let it fall into disrepair.
  6. Visit wheel alignment near me as soon as you notice any wheel damage so it doesn’t ruin your tire further and lead to a blowout.
  7. If you aren’t quite sure what wheel damage looks like, feel free to ask wheel alignment near me .
  8. If you’re unsure about what the problem is with your tires, bring them into us for wheel alignment near me – we can take a look at them for free!
  9. Get a full-on wheel inspection before hitting the road again after a long weekend off from driving – this will help you stay safe on the roads by catching problems early!
  10. Replace your damaged wheel with one of our new custom wheels – they’ll be customized to suit your car, and you’ll stay safe while you’re driving.

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