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Camping can be great fun, especially when you’re with close friends or family. It’s a chance to enjoy the great outdoors while also getting some privacy, which is why many people go on camping trips. Yet it’s easy to make simple mistakes that spoil other people’s experience of camping; keeping in mind our beginner’s guide to camping etiquette should help your next adventure be much better for everyone involved.

The first mistake most novice campers make is bringing the wrong equipment. If you want to have a great time camping, you’ll need to eat and sleep properly, which means you need a suitable tent that can protect you from both rain and wind, as well as a warm sleeping bag that’s going to keep you warm through cold nights. If your equipment doesn’t meet these standards, then it will be more trouble than it’s worth – and could result in a poor night’s sleep or even worse injuries from being exposed to bad weather.

It’s easy enough to avoid this mistake by researching what you need in advance and ensuring you have everything packed in your car or van before setting out for a camping trip. This means a lot less stress when darkness falls and it’s still not time to go to bed.

If you’re going with friends, make sure everyone is on the same page about what the group wants from their camping trip.

For example, if someone really wanted to do some fishing but the only person who brought a rod was another camper who never uses it, there will be conflict because of incompatible expectations.

In addition, don’t assume that just because one friend wants to hike around every day while another would like deep discussions over candlelit dinners by the fire pit, there’s going to be a problem. In fact, this is likely to lead to a more fulfilling experience for everyone in the group because each person will get what they want from their camping trip.

Everyone in your group should be responsible for bringing their own tent, cooking equipment and food unless you’ve already agreed who’s going to bring what. Remember that if someone forgets an important piece of equipment it could spoil the whole camping experience, so make sure everyone knows exactly what they have to bring along. Not only will this prevent arguments about who forgot something, but it also means you can all share relevant advice when it comes to choosing where to pitch up and which foods are safe and healthy to cook over an open fire.[link article to campfire cooking suggestion]

This is because nobody wants to be stuck listening to someone go on about how they forgot the frying pan when they’re desperate to try out their new gas stove instead.

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