Taking care of problems before they become emergencies will save you money in the long term.

If water is leaking from the tank – The most likely causes are corrosion, water heater failure, or a defective water heater. If you find water around your water heater it’s best to contact an emergency plumber for water heater repair services near me. Don’t do it yourself, as you could electrocute yourself by bypassing the circuit breaker or other electrical aspect of your water heater.

A faulty thermostat – Replace the thermostat if it’s broken. It won’t take much time and can prevent further damage to your water heater.

Excessive noise when water is running through the tank – When water is running through the pipes there should be no unusual or loud noises; gurgling, clicking, or hissing sounds could indicate a water heater problem. Call water heater repair services near me if you hear noises or experience any other water heater problems.

Water tanks are rusting – This is especially true of water heaters that are made of steel and manufactured before 2011, as they may be using an inferior coating process for the steel. Here, If your water heater has rusted it’s time to contact water heater repair services near me for water heater replacement or water tank repair services.

Frequently changing the temperature dial on the thermostat – Although your water won’t get scalding hot, it should still be set at 120 degrees F (49 degrees C), which is the temperature needed to kill bacteria and clean clothes in most washing machines. Only turn up the water temperature if you need to, like when you’re trying to get rid of a clog.

If the water heater is located in an area with freezing temperatures – If water freezes inside your water heater it could cause extensive damage and water leakage. Contact water heater repair services near me if your water heater is located somewhere where there are likely to be problems with freezing temperatures.

Two or more relief valves leaking at the same time – This usually indicates that the tank has deteriorated and needs replacement. You should call water heater repair services near me as soon as possible for water heater replacement before anything gets worse!

The pilot light won’t stay lit – Turn up the thermostat on your gas-powered water heater so that it’s higher than normal water usage. If the pilot light continues to go out it’s best to call water heater repair services near me for water heater replacement or water tank repair services.

The water takes too long to heat up – This is usually a sign of corrosion, sediment buildup, or debris in the bottom of your water heater. It could also be due to low water pressure, if you have very hard water, the tank may need “flushing.”

If there are signs of rust on any parts – Rust indicates that your water quality is poor and needs filtering before reaching your water heater. Contact water heater  repair services  near me  to get better tasting and cleaner water!

When in doubt about any issue with your water heater, always call water heater repair services near me to avoid water heater problems in the future.

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