Do you know how much the average wine subscription costs? It might surprise you to learn that the costs vary wildly depending on where you live, whether you’re considering monthly or quarterly shipments, and what kind of bottle you want to receive in your shipment. So if you’re thinking about subscribing to a wine club, here’s everything you need to know before choosing a plan that works best for your lifestyle.

What is a wine subscription service?

Wine subscription services deliver new wines to your doorstep each month. There are many options to choose from, with prices ranging between $15 and $60 for monthly deliveries. Wine costs about $20 per bottle, so if you subscribe to a service that’s less than your local wine shop, it may be worth your while. Of course, there are other factors to consider as well—such as whether or not you prefer reds or whites (or maybe rosés), how adventurous you want to get in terms of trying new wines and where they come from, etc. If you want more information on what wine subscriptions have to offer, check out our guide here. We also discuss some of our favourite wine subscription services below. Note: You can read more about Red vs White vs Rosé Wines in our guide here.

Is A Wine Subscription Worth It?

Wine is one of many wine subscription services available to consumers. These services are rapidly growing in popularity, especially in urban markets, where there are fewer opportunities to sample different wines and engage with other wine enthusiasts. Wine provides three price tiers: $39/month for 3 bottles; $59/month for 6 bottles; and $79/month for 9 bottles. The company also offers free shipping on all orders over $50, along with discounts on additional purchases. If you’re looking to explore new wines without having to buy them individually at retail prices, a wine subscription might be worth it. However, you should consider your personal preferences and how much you enjoy trying new wines before committing to a long-term contract with any service. If you like variety but don’t have time or energy to shop around for good deals, a monthly delivery might be just what you need.

Should I Try A Monthly Wine Club Instead Of A Quarterly Or Annual One?

There’s two main types of wine clubs out there. The first is probably what you’re picturing—the type that sends you three bottles of wine every quarter or once per year. The second kind are subscription-based services that deliver wine to your door each month, instead. Each offers its own unique perks, and both can help you get introduced to some great wines (and save a little money in the process!). But which one is right for you? That depends on your personal preferences and budget. Let’s break it down Quarterly/Annual Clubs: These membership programs often offer better deals on cases of wine than their monthly counterparts. Depending on how much you drink, they may also be a better deal if you tend to consume an entire case over time rather than drinking all 12 bottles at once.

Do All Wine Clubs Ship To My State?

Yes, most wine clubs do ship to all 50 states. That said, there are some exceptions, so you may want to check out your state’s winery laws or contact your preferred wine club for more information. In addition, you can use our shipping map to see if your state allows out-of-state shipments. You can also click on your state on our Home page for additional information about alcohol shipping in your area. What Types of Wine Are Available? Most wine clubs offer three types of wines: red, white and sparkling. Some clubs will offer a fourth option—rose—while others will focus on specific varietals, such as cabernet sauvignon or pinot noir. Some clubs might even include dessert wines in their selections. How Much Does It Cost? The cost of joining a wine club varies widely depending on which company you choose and how often you order.

What Does the Bottle Look Like?

You can usually tell what type of wine you’re looking at just by taking in its shape. The classic oval/round bottle with a long, sloping shoulder (or spout) is called Bordeaux-style. Chardonnay and some Italian wines often come in a more narrow version that tapers to an even smaller bottom, like Burgundy-style. Vintners have experimented with many shapes for their bottles over time, but these two are considered classics for good reason.

Is There A Large Minimum Order To Place, Or Can I Order In Small Batches?

If you like wine but don’t have time to visit your local wine store, consider signing up for a monthly subscription service. Some services like Wine deliver on demand, while others let you place an order in advance. These can be ideal if you live in an area where convenience stores carry low-quality wines or run out of stock regularly. But keep in mind that some delivery services will charge more per bottle than traditional retailers do. And though most companies offer a discount when ordering several bottles at once, some charge more—which may not be worth it if you only want one bottle. When comparing prices, make sure to factor in shipping costs and any extra fees (like corkage). Also check out our tips for saving money on wine. What Kind Of Wine Does The Company Offer? You can usually find information about what kinds of wine each company offers on their website. Each type has its own characteristics, so it’s important to know what you like before choosing a specific service. Red wines are typically bolder and fruitier than whites; dry wines are drier with less sugar; sparkling wines contain carbon dioxide from fermentation; and sweet wines are sweeter due to residual sugar.

Are There Hidden Fees, Racks, Etc.?

It’s important to do some research into what, exactly, your monthly wine subscription entails. There are more options than ever for enjoying wine at home. One of these is by way of a wine club or subscription service. But how much does it cost? What does it include? How can you save money on your membership? And what if you don’t like wines from that particular region or varietal? These are all questions worth asking before joining any program. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you navigate your options and make an informed decision about which option works best for you.

What Kind Of Customer Service Is Available For Wine Clubs?

Most wine clubs provide some level of customer service and will answer questions from their members, but you can’t count on that being true for every club. Before you purchase your subscription, read over what kind of customer service is available for wine members and see if it meets your needs. If not, find another club or consider other options (like buying directly from retailers). A good way to get information about customer service is to contact a winery directly and ask them how they handle issues with their customers.