The allavino wine cooler is a world-class, luxury wine cooler that will keep your favorite bottle at the perfect temperature for hours. No matter what, you can be sure that your bottle of wine will stay at the best temperature possible.

This allavino wine cooler has 6 different temperature settings, so you can always have your favorite wine ready to drink. The allavino Wine Cooler is perfect for the person who loves wine or someone just getting into it. No matter what your preference in wines, there is a setting to fit any taste! Not only does this particular wine cooler come in many colors and sizes, but they also come with several amenities too! This allavino comes with an interior LED light that makes finding the right bottle of wine simple even when dark. It also features an alarm system that will alert you when your desired temperature has been reached. Fill up this luxurious cooler with whichever type of wine suits your fancy; reds, whites, roses- you are guaranteed the perfect drink every time.

The Allavino Wine Cooler is exactly what it sounds like– a luxury cooler designed specifically for wine! A great gift idea, this cooler has six different temperature settings so you can keep your favorite vintages at their optimal temperature. With several different size options to choose from, there’s an allavino wine cooler out there for everyone. Not only does this model have everything you’ve ever wanted in a cooler, but the glass door adds a classy touch that will really impress your guests! Fill up this beautiful cooler with whichever type of wine suits your fancy; reds, whites, roses- you are guaranteed to serve the perfect drink every time.

A good while now, I have been wanting to expand my home bar. This desire has been driven in large part by the fact that I am a bachelor and therefore don’t have a wife who will yell at me if all of our glasses are dirty or there is no ice for her gin & tonic. The promise of being able to have mixed drinks whenever I wanted was very appealing! In addition, I think it would be great to have cocktails with friends. Going out every other weekend gets expensive really fast.

I started looking around for options and quickly realized that picking the right cooler was going to be more important than anything else. There are many different types on the market right now but there were three that really stood out: mini-fridges, beverage centers and wine coolers. I am partial to mini-fridges but my main issue with them is that they are limited in size and lack the ability to modify temperature. This makes it difficult to store or chill ingredients for mixed drinks and especially hard to keep a proper chilled white wine on hand. Beverage Centers seemed like a great choice and initially had more than I wanted in terms of capacity and flexibility – namely that you could get models that cooled both at 5° F and at 33° F. For some reason I did not find this attractive (though now I obviously see how wrong I was). The last option was a dedicated wine cooler which would give me full control over the temperatures of both reds and whites; however at this time I did not yet understand their limitations (more on that in a bit). 

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