Most commercial buildings need commercial refrigeration. Commercial refrigeration is an important part of commercial spaces. It is vital for commercial kitchens to maintain the proper temperature in every commercial refrigerator. Commercial refrigerators are different than residential refrigerators because they use commercial-grade equipment and parts. Commercial refrigerators need commercial cooling units, commercial compressors, commercial evaporators, and commercial condensing units to work properly. This can include commercial ice machines, commercial undercounter ice machines, commercial beverage dispensers, and many other components that require maintenance or replacement. Commercial air conditioning can also be assisted by a commercial refrigeration unit if it does not have enough capacity to keep up with the cooling load of the building. Commercial HVAC commercial refrigeration commercial cooling commercial undercounter ice commercial ice machines commercial beverage dispensers commercial equipment commercial parts commercial refrigerators commercial refrigeration repair maintenance & installation

Any commercial business can benefit from a well maintained and fully operational Commercial Refrigeration Repair, Maintenance & Installation. Whether it is a restaurant, hotel or grocery store maintaining the equipment that keeps your food cold is essential to keep your customers happy. It is advisable that you have a trusted company perform routine maintenance on all of your refrigeration equipment so if something does break down during service hours someone will be available to quickly respond and fix the problem when it occurs. The last thing you want in the middle of a dinner rush with no ice for soft drinks or in an emergency room without blood in the cooler. We know how important this equipment is to you and we want to make sure it is running smoothly so call us today for all your commercial refrigerator repair, maintenance & installation.

Basic Commercial Refrigeration Repair, Maintenance & Installation Tips

The first thing you will want to do if your refrigerator breaks down is to turn it off and stop the cooling process. You can do this by moving all food sources away from the unit and unplugging the machine from its power source. If you have a freezer that has stopped working place dry ice in a Styrofoam chest next to the broken freezer since dry ice will freeze everything that is around it! If you are unable to defrost your unit after some time then shut of the water supply line so that it does not flood or explode while waiting for repair people. You should also figure out how serious of an issue you are having with the unit before calling an emergency repair company. If it is a small break in the system then you can do some temporary maintenance so that your unit can stay operational until an experienced technician arrives to fix the problem for you. All of these steps will help prolong the life span of your broken machine, but if you are running your business with no equipment at all there is not much you can do except try and wait out the issue which can cause severe damage to your food supply.

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