When the thermostat on your window air conditioner says it’s time to cool off, but the temperature that comes out of it feels like it’s still 100 degrees then you’ve got a broken air conditioner. This is not unheard of, and with most broken air conditioners, there are at least 3 simple repairs that will make it cool again.

First, make sure you check for blockages in the vents. This is likely the problem if it happens very often or if you happen to notice any unusual noise coming from the vents when other people are close by. If this is your problem, try vacuuming other debris from the vents and rerouting ducts if possible. Second, one common fix for broken air conditioners is to simply replace the air filter. Make sure you use the right size and change it every month or so depending on how often you use your broken air conditioner.

Finally, if changing the filter didn’t work, try replacing the thermostat itself. Some broken air conditioners require a tool like a screwdriver to open it up, while others are difficult to access at all without removing components first. If all else fails, make sure there’s power going to your broken air conditioner by plugging another device into the same outlet and seeing if it works with no interruption. There could be a loose connection in a wire behind something you can’t move aside easily causing the problem with broken air conditioning unit. For most broken air conditioners, this would be the problem.

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