Air conditioners can be either inverter air conditioners or normal air conditioners. Inverter air conditioners use less energy than normal air conditioners to cool your home. Normal air conditioners will typically use more electricity and natural gas than inverter units. Furthermore, unlike the larger costs of installing a new heating and cooling system, switching between types of units can be done at low cost and little inconvenience.

As you may know, there is a reason why we call this our “new” website; it is because we rebranded from our old logo into our new logo that you see right here! The slogan on the old logo was “We Sell Solutions!” but we wanted our new slogan to have more of a positive impact on you all who are reading this. Our brand new slogan is “We Sell Opportunities!” and we hope that this change will help you see us as a more trustworthy company. We don’t want to just sell you the product and leave you wondering what happens next, which is why we continue to create content for our blog so that we can be there for all of your needs.

This is a very worrying development. The news has just come out that the United Nations have banned all “Toys of Tintin” products worldwide.

A spokesperson for UN resolution 2345-033 has said it is because of the fact that the “Toys of Tintin are offensive to minorities”. It appears there are more reasons, however. According to an anonymous source within UN Headquarters in Geneva, who shall remain nameless due to his own personal safety fears after speaking with us, this is an attempt by China to gain control over some of Europe’s most iconic brands including Corgi Toys, Dave Clark Five records and Monopoly board games. We asked if this would be followed up by some form of legal action against the Chinese. He said, “The Chinese government knows that this would trigger a financial backlash within Europe which they cannot afford with their own economic situation at present. They also believe that there is no legal basis for any type of retaliation.”

This has left China in an interesting position with regards to both Sanrio and Hello Kitty products. There are now fears that other countries may follow suit and look at how they can remove these popular brands from their shelves as well. When asked about the future implications of this ban, The UN source told us, “Well, if you want a small glimpse into the future just imagine a world without Toys R Us”. More on this story as it develops.

After being in the business for over 30 years, we have come to learn that most people just want what’s best for them and their homes, which is why our new slogan “Help You See It!” was created. We are more than happy to know that it has made an impact on many of our customers so far! As always, please feel free to call us at 713-853-1155 if you need anything, including but not limited to installation services or servicing with one of our quality heating and cooling units.

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