The reason why the broken air conditioner stopped working might be caused by a broken capacitor or broken contactor. In that case, you will need to replace it before the broken part leads to a breakdown of the compressor.

To replace a broken capacitor, remove the broken one and solder on a replacement. If it is a broken contactor, replace the broken contactor with a new one. You can also use a broken power cord to identify which wire needs to be connected to which wire on the new plug.

To replace broken fan blades, unscrew the broken blade and screw in a new one. If you are missing any screws, look at where they are supposed to be attached before assembling the broken parts back together.

If you are in your house when the air conditioning breaks, call a technician immediately. Open windows to create cross-ventilation while waiting for an HVAC technician. Keep electric devices, tools, or appliances away from broken ACs because broken electricity may damage them further. these may cause additional electrical shocks or hazards if you touch them after contact with broken AC has already occurred. For more information on what to do when an appliance breaks visit this page.

Your broken AC may be caused by a lack of electricity. If possible, use an alternative power source like batteries or generators to power your broken AC so you can turn it on until the HVAC technician arrives. Do not rely on gas-powered generators because they produce very dangerous carbon monoxide. When your broken AC is running, keep the door closed to prevent hot air from rushing out of the broken unit.

If you are in your house when the broken AC is below you in a windowless room, call a technician immediately even if it is inconvenient for them to reach you. When an HVAC technician arrives, stay below ground level until they have had time to make sure no dangerous fumes are being emitted by the broken electric equipment under your broken AC. If you have mobility problems, open all windows and doors to create cross-ventilation before their arrival. This will help dissipate heat more quickly while waiting for an HVAC technician.

When the broken AC is broken and bad weather is coming, keep all windows and doors closed to prevent hot air from entering rooms below the broken AC. Find a safe place away from broken electrical equipment like broken appliances or broken electrical wiring that could hurt you. If possible, use alternative power sources like batteries to turn on your broken AC until an HVAC technician arrives. If this is not possible, make sure you open as many windows as you can before they arrive so the HVAC technician will be able to easily see where any dangerous leaks may be located.